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Ab sofort ist wieder Online! Es gibt einige Änderungen und ALLES fängt wieder bei 0 an. Ihr habt die Möglichkeit euch wieder zu registrieren - Natürlich völlig Kostenlos und Werbefrei! Das Team wird nach und nach die Seite weiter Updaten und somit wieder zum leben erwecken...jedoch braucht das eben seine Zeit! Bis dahin habt ihr leider nur eingeschränkten Zugriff auf diverse Bereiche. MfG Schäfchen
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Crossfire Event 23.01.2015

Attention Mercenaries!!! Crossfire Europe is keeping the New Year Spirit Alive! You will get 15% Cashback in 10 minutes for the ALL in-game purchases between Jan. 23~25! Get 15% RP back for the all in-game purchases during the New Year Cashback Event! - You will receive the 15% cash-back within 10 minutes of the item purchase. - Please note that sometimes you need to go to the server selection window and back for the changes to be reflected on your account. - Cashback amount will be rounded down to the nearest whole number. For example if you spend 450 RP you will recieve 67 RP instead of 67,5. - 15% Cashback you will recieve by spending RP will expire after 3 months. What: Spend RP and get 15% back! When: Jan. 23 00:00 CET ~ Jan. 25 (Sun) 23:59:59 CET
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CS:GO Update 14.01.15

– Fixed P2000 ammo capacity.

– Fixed a corrupt packets issue that occurred when a client attempted to play on community servers after official servers.
– rcon stats now include server frame simulation time ms, stddev of simulation time ms, and tick precision ms.
– Fixed an exploit used by malicious servers to bypass SERVER_CAN_EXECUTE restriction on connected clients.
– Fixed achievement icons not displaying.

–Exploit fix in Bombsite B

–Updated overview image

–Fixed sticky spot under roof overhang at B
–Fixed overview map not matching the geometry at Gallery
–Raised ceiling and added trim in Gallery
–Fixed sticky clip brush at A
–Added clip brush to tapestry in CT sniper room so you can’t walk through it
–Fixed floating electrical box in sewer stairwell
–Fixed missing texture above T ramp
–Removed handrail/clips and adjusted lighting in CT sniper hallway
–Fixed wooden platform clipping into stone in T spawn
–Made window bars in B tunnels & Gallery non-solid

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CS:GO Update 08.01.2015

– Keys purchased from the Steam Community Market are given a seven-day trade and market restriction.

– Reduced P250 ammo from 5 magazines to 3.
– Reverted CZ nerf to ammo and fire rate.

– Added the Chroma Case, that features new finishes for knives.
– Added UI for showing multiple offers.

–Fixed a bug where players could clip through a wall near CT spawn
–Removed center scaffolding near hole to CT sniper position

–Extended buyzone for T spawn
–Further optimizations

–Fixed bullet penetration through arch models in tunnels
–Fixed collision for door top of mid
–Added Goose to Goose

–Updated radar
–Fixed fade distance on props
–Updated player clips in areas where bomb could be lost

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